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A Book Cover Preview: On National Bow Tie Day September 7, 2015

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I had to privilege to read the first draft of Chris MacLellan’s new book and thought it was incredibly valuable for any non-professional caregiver seeking insight from a wonderful writer on the subject. Like most of us, Chris had to observe, learn and do all he could to provide his partner the best. A lot can be learned from his experience.  I’ll let you all know as soon as his book comes out – of course you can always subscribe to his site and get the update first hand – http://thepurplejacket.com. I plan to do a proper review of the book in the next few weeks – IJW

The Purple Jacket

As you might have noticed, I have not spent much time blogging on The Purple Jacket over the past six weeks or so.  However, that does not  mean that I have stopped writing.   As The Bow Tie Guy,  it seems fitting on National Bow Tie Day I share with you with a preview of the cover of my  first book, ‘What’s The Deal With Caregiving’ published Jack Tatar at People Tested Media.


Photo Credit: Photo Journalist Carline Jean with permission from the Sun-Sentinel

Now in our final edits, my goal in writing  “What’s The Deal With Caregiving” is to bring readers a comfort zone to reflect, re-energize, and find reassurance, knowing there are other Caregivers out there, just like you, who understands your journey, who cares for you, and simply loves you because you care.  As a Caregiver, I’ve been there and because of my personal experience, I want to…

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