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This resource section is a work in progress. I welcome and encourage your contributions to make this section better. By clicking on the link for the category you will be taken to a page with that category’s listing. If you have a contribution to the resource page please drop me a line with the resource and a little write up on it.

Resource and description


Ira’s “Things to consider” list: I put   this list together from my experience so that you can get an idea what may be   involved if you agree to be a caregiver for someone dear to you. This list is   by no means complete, but it contains things I wish I had known earlier. You   will find it invaluable.

Ira’s List

End of life checklist: This is a slightly modified version of our   checklist (I left out some personal details) which I was to use when I thought K’s last breath had come and gone.

Our Checklist

Books: This section contains a growing list of books that I’ve read   along with my comments. To find a greater source of books and information go   to the sites noted in “Websites and Blogs” where you will find a links to   just about every book conceivable having to do with the subjects around care   giving, dying, health and grieving.


Websites and Blogs: there are a number of   very fine web and blog sites that can help you research whatever it is you   need. This is a work in progress. I am always open to your suggestions for a   site that I haven’t yet listed.

Helpful   Websites and Blogs


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