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What this blog site attempts to do:

This blog is dedicated to encouraging and helping people begin a conversation with their loved one about what to do when one of you is dying and may not survive.  It’s obviously not a pleasant subject and one many of us prefer to avoid. But to be as prepared as possible regarding how the dying process will take place, knowing what is involved, the emotional impact and being clear on what you agree to do, will save you and your loved one a lot of potential suffering and strain.

Although there are many excellent sites dedicated to various parts of this vast subject, this site is focused primarily on the choice to die at home. It is an attempt to wake people up to what they will encounter so they’ll begin planning and thinking about this while everyone is conscious and strong. In taking time to prepare, do some research and plan properly early on, the person dying will be able to go through the process with greater comfort and the non-professional caregiver may avoid being blindsided by events and situations that can prove to be traumatic.

What you will find on this site:

Blog Posts: I along with contributors will share our experience and insights around the subject of dying. Some contributors will be professionals, others, like myself, are those who have direct experience but are not health care professionals.

If you want to share your experience or are a professional that wants to contribute a piece I would very much like to hear from you.  Please contact me to discuss it and I will respond within a day.

Resources: A place to go for information on all subjects relating to care giving at home and the dying.  Please feel free to recommend helpful resources by contacting me or noting it in a comment to a posting. The comments area is open to support a free flow of information so long as the information is on topic.

Support: It is my hope that there will be a community of people checking in to look for help or to offer help. Although this is not a bulletin board per se, every page and article is open for comments and responses.
The author and editor:

My name is IJ Woods and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am the president of OneWorld Memorials, a retail website that sells cremation urns to the public. My deepest interest is in seeing people achieve peace in their lives as well as me in mine.

In my writing you will sometimes find me referring to “K”. K is short for Kristin, my dearest companion for nine years. Not only did Kristin teach me much about the quality in which to live life, but she also showed me the quality and dignity in which one can die. Many of the photos you will see on the site are ones I’ve taken from hikes we did around the Southwest and shots around the location where her ashes are scattered. Other shots are from around Minneapolis where Kris grew up. It’s a city she was strongly proud of and loved deeply.

To reach me directly just go to the contact page.

Kristin and me during one of our many hikes. This was taken in Zion National Park.

Kristin and me during one of our many hikes. This was taken in Zion National Park.



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