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June 26, 2012

Posted by ijwoods in Blog+.

I was invited by Beth, author of the Middlescapes blog, to write something for her readers. Beth is taking care of her aging mother and is chronicling her experience through blogging. She’s a wonderful writer and provides an insightful window into the life and experience of a caregiver in the midst of taking care of a loved one at home. I highly recommend subscribing to her blog, it’s a great read. The link to the post I wrote is above the photo. – IJ


Please join me in welcoming IJ Woods, guest blogging this week fromConscious Departures. I think he is amazing and hope you do too.

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1. lapetinaa - June 26, 2012

Thank you IJ for your beautiful post; for your honesty; for letting us into your heart and emotions and for helping us to prepare for this journey which most of us will have to take. Thank you, Beth for allowing IJ to add his spin to the experience as a caregiver; giving us a total picture of what you, Beth, are going through. Lots of love. xxxxxx

ijwoods - June 26, 2012

Thanks Lapetinaa, I have really enjoyed Beth’s posts. I tried to keep a journal as to what was happening when K was alive but only made it through day 1. I regret that now. So much happens, so much is learned and every day is unique. Most of us are going to become caregivers at some point in our lives and to learn about the experience of others means a lot.

2. Chris MacLellan "The Bow-Tie-Guy" - June 26, 2012

This is a blog well worth reading as I have head the pleasure of reading many of his post. Heart felt and well written, certainly worth your time to read!

ijwoods - June 26, 2012

Thank you Chris, that’s incredibly kind. You are a real gem.

Chris MacLellan "The Bow-Tie-Guy" - June 27, 2012

I appreciate that and so are you! Keep up the good fight!

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