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Our Check List

This simple checklist made it easy for me to be clear on what had to be done after K’s last breath, both immediate and those that would take a little time.  This was part of a binder that contained all the details such as contact information and legal documents. It’s important to be sure your loved one is comfortable that things will be handled well and there is nothing to worry about. Working on this checklist together and reviewing it periodically helped accomplish the comfort factor for both of us.

Our Checklist

When I think the final breath has come and gone:

⃝ Contact the hospice

⃝ Get pronouncement

⃝ Contact the mortuary

⃝ Contact immediate family

⃝ Contact close friends

⃝ Get the message out to all others (obit, facebook, etc.)

⃝ Get the death certificates

⃝ Pick up cremation remains

⃝ Provide everyone information about the memorial

⃝ Contact social security

⃝ Contact all the credit reporting agencies to notify and get reports (prevents identity theft)

⃝ Close or transfer all accounts (bank, email, credit cards, Google, etc.)

⃝ Do tax return



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