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Our Checklist March 28, 2012

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Are you clear what to do when your family member or loved one passes away? An end-of-life checklist is indispensible.

I put the checklist that K and I created into the resources area. This is by no means the ultimate checklist, but one that worked well for our situation. It should give you a good starting point. One other thing K put together was a couple of binders with detailed information needed to complete items on the checklist. For instance, one binder had all our legal documents like the will, the two types of powers of attorney, etc. The other binder had basic information all her accounts, contact info for her immediate family, all the doctors contact info, hospice info, various articles or segments of books with “how to” information like transferring a car title, etc.

The checklist provided me a lot of comfort. You really won’t know what state you are going to be in when that final breath is taken and you also don’t know at what time it will happen or who will be around. In my case I was alone and it was around 4 AM.

During K’s last days I was administering medication to her every 4 hours around the clock.  I had a “med session” at 12 AM and set my alarm for 4 AM for the next round (I was sleeping in the room with her). Before lying down I noticed her breathing was different than anything I encountered before. I didn’t know what to think but fell asleep listening to her take heavy breaths. I was so exhausted I passed out.

When my alarm went off at 4 AM I laid there a in the semi-darkness to listen for the breath, but there was no sound. For the past week or so this was not uncommon; there would be no breath for 20-60 seconds and then a big inhale. But this time one minute went by and then two and still nothing. I got up and turned on the light. Still no sound of the breath. I sat next to her and waited carefully watching for movement. I held her hand; it was stiff and I was immediately overwhelmed. Even though I knew this was coming the reality was so hard to comprehend. I thought I might be wrong and that she is breathing so delicately that I’m missing it. So I called the hospice. (more…)