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50/50 March 1, 2012

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I recently watched the movie 50/50, a comedy inspired by the true story of a 27 year old man who discovers he has cancer and the struggles he encounters. I know it’s hard to imagine a movie about someone battling cancer to be funny but It’s well written and keenly sharp in honing in on some of the more uncomfortable aspects of attempting to live while while going through the fight. It’s an entertaining look into the process, complexity of the relationships and struggles that can be faced, but it’s all done with great warmth. Of course, there’s a lot missing, like the stressful financial aspects and insurance company battles and so on, but a movie can only do so much, and that wasn’t its purpose.

In one part of the movie I was astounded to see the protagonist having to take the public bus system home after going through his regular chemotherapy at the hospital.  After watching what K went through I can’t imagine anyone having to do that, particularly with the type of chemo it looked like he was getting; but perhaps it’s not that uncommon. Chemotherapy takes on many forms but from what I have seen it can be an absolutely brutal treatment reducing the person to a thin and terribly weakened state in which sleep becomes the primary activity. (more…)