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Roamin’ Forums July 29, 2012

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In my last post I made a point about the internet’s value in getting support for caregiving. I find it extraordinary that we can so easily connect with people all over the world who are going through, or have already gone through, similar experiences to us. Additionally, it also gives us access to professionals offering their thoughts and advice freely. For a non-professional caregiver support like this is invaluable, especially now when we are increasingly taking care of loved ones at home.

I had suggested looking at some “forums” as a good resource for support and information, but I realized afterwards that some readers may be unfamiliar with forums, so I thought a little primer may be helpful.

A forum is different from a blog in that it is where people come to discuss one or more topics. It’s a conversation rather than, like a blog, one person’s expression. The top of a conversation starts with a question or comment from anyone and then people respond in what’s called a “thread”. As an example  let’s take a look at one of the forums I suggested: the Family Caregiver Forum. Here’s a screen grab of the home page: (more…)