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Thankfulness and All That Jazz November 27, 2012

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The true story about the start of Thanksgiving is a contentious one and unbearably fuzzy when researched. Food does appear to play a role in it, but that enchanting scene of Native Americans and settlers sharing a turkey around a large rustic dining table may only be a fabrication. Still, I think it’s an incredible idea to have a holiday dedicated to giving thanks. What the heck, right? If we are going to have a holiday, why not have at least one devoted to remembering all the things we can be thankful for? And while we’re at it, lets spend that time with the people we care about and have a feast.

I have to admit that I find taking only one day out of the year for a thankfulness celebration a bit thin, but I’ll take it. And, it’s my opinion that we don’t really need a questionable story as an excuse;  any thankfulness will do. Thankfulness is one of those rare economical pleasures we can indulge in at a time when our budgets may be stretched buying the latest high tech gifts which often have a “thankful” life of a few months at best.

This Thanksgiving I was feeling particularly thankful for all the wonderful people who’ve touched my life and contributed something to my personal evolution. Thanksgiving dinner was not only exceptional food-wise, but was also exceptional in the quality and warmth of my hosts and the endearing nature of their family and guests. It’s a great feeling to not only fill your belly with delicious food, but to feel your heart filled up as well. (more…)